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Many elementary schools teach math using Number Bonds, and we are creating games, worksheets, and books to reinforce and supplement that learning method. 


Our Number Bond Games: We bring fun into learning with our board game "Race to Planet X", which is perfect for kids K-3rd grade as they build fluency in their basic addition and subtraction. Families can play a quick game in 15 minutes, and score some major parenting points for non-screen family time that also doubles as math practice for the kids. 


Our Worksheets and Books: We, as parents who grew up learning math the traditional way, also want to make sure our kids can be fast and fluent at basic arithmetic, so we have also created worksheets and books for that. 


Our belief: We believe in the growth mindset, and that all kids can get better at math with practice and perseverance. We also believe that being fluent in basic arithmetic in early elementary years will provide kids a solid foundation for harder math classes later on. 

About the Game Creator and Author: A Stanford alum mom was hanging out at home with her first grade son during spring break, and decided to invent a card game together. After a couple years of play testing and development, Race to Planet X and was launched.

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