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Race to Planet X Number Bond Template

Many elementary schools teach math using Number Bonds, and the Race to Planet X game reinforces that method. You can further practice Number Bonds by only allowing Power Combos placed in the Number Bond configuration (biggest number on top). It might benefit younger beginners to have an actual print out of the number bond template to lay out their Power Combos. 

Click here for the Race to Planet X Number Bond Template. 

Blank Number Bond Worksheet - Extra Practice!

Want to provide more number bond practice? Here's a blank number bond worksheet. 1) You can fill in some numbers to get your child started, or 2) have your child create as many different number bonds as they can. 

Click here for the Blank Number Bond Worksheet. Free!

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Adding 1 and Adding 2 -- Math Worksheets

It never hurts to practice basic addition, and here is a sample of our math worksheets designed for addition and subtraction fluency. We combine old school math with number bonds and fill in the blanks. 

Click here for 6 pages of math worksheets for adding 1 and 2's. Free!

Math Workbook Grade 1

If you like the math worksheets above, check out our Math Workbook Grade 1 available on Math Workbook Grade 1 is a workbook that provides kids with additional math practice that reinforces and complements what is taught at school. There are no pictures or word problems, and focus on mastery of basic addition and subtraction.

Click here for answer key and preview.

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